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 D esiree Alonso Aprons is purely and simply about one thing and one thing only, YOU.   

Designer Desiree Alonso has been devoted to designing and creating  an apron line that compliments not just homemaking and motherhood but the beauty of every woman.   Desiree Alonso aprons are new, one of a kind original daring designs that are also, about YOU.  They are about every woman.  They are about joy, boldness, originality, depth, celebration, beauty and all the things that make you the domestic goddess you are.  Unlike any out there,  the inspiration behind Desiree Alonso's creation is YOU.  You are the inspiration behind every product, every design, every idea, every fabric chosen and every stitch that is sewn.   

Every design by Desiree Alonso is a unique and lovingly handmade creation that cannot be duplicated by any others.  With unparalleled attention to detail and loving touches in every stitch, every apron made is a unique work of art, created with the exquisite home maven in mind.   With an appreciation for high quality fabrics, daring patterns and color combinations, women who wear Desiree Alonso know they are getting the absolute best in style and quality.  

Desiree Alonso® is a family owned design business driven by not just a designer, but also an independent Home Educating mother of three.   Business owner, designer, entrepreneur, devoted mother, wife and friend,  Desiree Alonso is thrilled to share her amazing line of aprons with you.   Welcome and Enjoy!